2016 Duramax Specs and Engine Highlights

The truck with diesel engine still becomes favorite in the pickup truck market. The auto fans think that the one with diesel engine is more powerful and efficient. Especially for those who want to buy a truck for towing and hauling. There are several kinds of diesel engine in the market, such as EcoBoost Diesel, Turbo Diesel, Cummins and also the Duramax engine. Each auto manufacturer uses different type of engine for their flagships. Now, we will discuss the 2016 Duramax specs and we will tell you about the highlights of the engine. Here’s the brief review of it.


This time, the engine designed with different style. It doesn’t have any pin bushing that on the previous variant was used to reduce the reciprocating weight. As the result, the engine is more responsive and quicker to throttle changes. That way, the extra lubricant will reduce the heat of the pistons and minimize the friction and noise.

Cylinder Block and Rotating Assembly

2016 Duramax SpecsThe engine was designed to give more support by giving less noise when the engine is running. Thanks to the iron foundation that makes the engine is more durable. Plus, it is covered with custom aluminum which makes it stronger and cut the weight of the engine at the same time. Inside, the crankshaft made of forged steel which is very strong. It connects the rods and the piston as well. The experts said that the system could give effective work when the engine runs.

Cylinder Heads

As we said before, the cylinder heads are covered with aluminum that will reduce the weight of the engine. Plus, it won’t increase the engine’s heat when it runs. The cylinder heads are secured with 6 bolts on the each cylinder and 4 valves per cylinder. It is important to know the highlights of the engine with other 2016 Duramax specs.

New Technology

2016 Duramax Specs

The best part about the Duramax engine is that the company gives you new technology that will ensure you to ride with low emission rate engine. The new Emission Control system will let you know the emission level and keep it at the low rate. Even on the new variant of Duramax LML, the emission level is reduced more than 60% and making it cleaner.


B20 BioDiesel Capability

Now, you can use B20 BioDiesel as the regular fuel on your truck. For those who don’t know, B20 BioDiesel is a new variant of diesel-fuel that combines 20% biodiesel and 80% regular diesel. When you use B20 regularly, you are not only saving your money on fuel but you are also saving the environment because the B20 biodiesel is a renewable fuel that has no emission and less carbon dioxide.

Those are the highlights of  2016 Duramax specs and the engine system. In compare another diesel engine that used by the auto manufacturers around the world, the Duramax engine still gives you a lot of benefits. Make sure that you buy a good truck with the best engine in the market.

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