2016 RAM 1500 HFE, Eco-friendly Diesel Truck Review

2016 RAM 1500 HFE – 2016 RAM 1500 HFE will be coming out soon before this year comes to an end. This is a mid-size truck that comes out with diesel motor under its hood and is also one of the best pickup truck there is. Just in case you are curious about what the HFE stands for, it is an abbreviation of High Fuel Efficiency. So now, you are in the right lane in choosing a new mid-size truck that won’t drain your fuel expense. This is a perfect option for your business’ growth as it has great ability for towing and hauling yet keeping the gas low.

This pickup truck comes with V-6 Turbo Diesel 3.0-litre engine that borrowed from Fiat Chrysler. This is an Eco Diesel engine that will give you enough power for towing or hauling without sacrificing the fuel consumption. Just like what its called, RAM 1500 HFE offers great gas mileage with 21 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the freeway. It is a prove that the heart of this truck won’t disappointed you when choosing compact truck for business. The V-6 Eco Diesel is believed producing 240 horsepower with 420 lb –ft of torque.

The diesel regulation gets tighter when there are auto manufacturers busted for manipulating the software. But for the record, RAM has Selective Catalytic Reduction that will convert the dangerous nitrogen to semi nitro-oxygen. That’s why whatever comes out from the exhaust is environmentally friendly.

Exterior and Interior Style

There are plenty changes on the bodywork of 2016 RAM 1500 HFE. This Cab gets rear wheel drive system instead of 4×4 wheel drive because RAM wants to ensure that it gets lower to the ground to improve it’s aerodynamic. The two wheel system is also lighter for the chassis so it won’t burden the engine when you have huge loads. You will get tonneau cover for each purchase you do for RAM 1500 HSE so you get extra equipment for your cab. Oh, this truck gets lower bumper with front fascia design combined with RAM Express Cut.

2016 RAM 1500 HFE

Inside, the cabin has big compartment where you can put all of your stuff neatly. The bucket seat model will make you sit comfortably to join the trip, but the rear passenger seats have small leg room due to its compact size. Overall, it still looks the same with the basic model and previous series of RAM 1500. This truck only gets a few update on the interior systems.

2016 RAM 1500 HFE Price and Trim Levels

You are able to find out this truck on the RAM’s authorized dealership with starting price at $ 30,000 for the Regular Cab model. Or you can choose the other trim levels that come at price $ 37,000 for the Quad Cab. The last mentioned has a lot of features to offer, a 3.6-litre engine, with built-in request just like you wanted. And when it comes about diesel truck in 2016, RAM 1500 HSE is on the top of the list.

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