2016 Renault Scenic Comes out with 6 Diesel Engine

2016 Renault Scenic – Renault is one of the most favored cars in the UK and is known as the brand that participates in World Racing Competition. It is not surprising that this auto manufacturer is famous in the Europe. Renault has a lot of options for automotive enthusiasts that want to drive great cars with excellent performance. And this year, Scenic is a brand new compact hatchback that made for those of you who craves for city cars. This one is offering trendy style with contemporary design that defines about the core of the company. Plus, it is also available in diesel engine too!

2016 Renault Scenic will arrive in the US in the last quarter of this year because this hatchback aimed for the UK marketplace first. The diesel engine is popular here since it is known as fuel economy than the gasoline model. For the sake of their loyal fans, Renault provides 6 diesel engines that will produce different pace and power. This is a tempting offer which hard to resist. Now, let’s check out what you get under the hood on the new Renault Scenic 2016.

Engine and Transmission

The base model gets DCi engine that is capable of producing up to 95 horsepower mated with 6-speed manual transmission. While the other trim levels equipped with DCi engine producing 110 horsepower and is available in both manual and automated transmission. The rumor says that this trim level is also paired with hybrid assist but there is no official statement from Renault about this thing.

The two other configurations will be equipped with the same engine, but it offers better power with 129 horsepower and only available in automated transmission. It takes 10 seconds to reach 60 mph with 110 as the top speed. 2016 Renault Scenic is made as city car for comfort and lifestyle, it is not made for racing so the power of the engine is not a big deal.

Renault offers advanced driving technology with Normal, Eco, Personal, Comfort and Sport, where you can adjust the mode with your driving style. The Multi-Sense technology will raise your driving experience because you can adjust the throttle and its responsiveness. With abundant technology Renault had, the all new scenic is worth to wait.

Safety and Technology

As it is made for city car, Renault gives a lot of safety system to prevent the worst thing you can imagine. The standard view camera integrated with dash screen will help you monitoring the surroundings and help you to get out of the parking lot easily.

2016 Renault Scenic also gets Fatigue Detection Warning, a new technology that will recognize driver’s stamina. It warns the driver to pull over and take a rest for the sake of safety.

Lane Keeping Assist, Pedestrian Detection, and Adaptive Cruise Control will make you others feel safe during the trip. So it is not only about the safety of in-car passengers but about the pedestrian as well. Plus, the automatic braking system will help you to earn smooth braking force in the panic situation.