2016 Volkswagen Touran, The Best Minivan with Diesel Engine

2016 Volkswagen Touran is coming to continue its glory that they started more than a decade ago. When it comes about Minivans, VW Touran has special place in automotive enthusiasts’ heart, especially for diesel die-hard fans. We all know that Volkswagen is the king of diesel cars because almost all of their products are available in diesel motor. And their diesel technology has proven since a long time ago – you can find the 80’s VW series on the street still can run as good as the new car with new motor. Its durability is uncompromised, while its body will never get old.

Exterior and Interior Style

The new VW Touran 2016 has the same architecture with the Passat, but it has longer wheelbase nearly 110 inches. Both of the sides have a line that creates strong shape on the body and making it looks trendy. The body decorated with panoramic moon roof for adventure-sense during the trip. Overall, it looks modern and dynamic making you proud to drive with minivan and get rid the old stereotype.

The interior offers spacious room for 7 passengers with huge cargo space on the rear end. This is why we suggest you to choose 2016 Volkswagen Touran because it is family friendly minivan that provides everything you ask. The cabin has a lot of compartment and console storage where you can separate your loads. Each of row has wide leg room and all the seats get head rest.

The dashboard looks simple and elegant with black panel and soft grey tone. It comes out with LCD screen for infotainment system and driving assistance feature to help you find the most comfortable driving experience with minivan. And if you have more budget, the R-Line trim level is coming out with more goodies for the cabin. You will get better seats’ cover and a few of sport bits.

2016 Volkswagen Touran Engine and Transmission

There are 3 diesel engines are available for three different trim levels. The base model gets 1.6 Turbo Diesel type that produces 110 horsepower. It mounted with manual transmission and it takes 9 seconds to reach 60 mph. The two other trim levels are available in 2.0-litre Turbo Diesel 4-cyl that producing 150 and 190 horsepower. They come out with manual and automated transmission.

All of the engines are using BlueMotion Technology which will reduce the fuel consumption while producing the high-level of energy. Both of the manual and automated transmission also use Dual Clutch Gearbox model for better acceleration. While we still search for about the EPA-estimated, let’s check out the safety of 2016 Volkswagen Touran.

Safety System

VW Touran has named as Minivan of the Year 2015 by What Car? magazine. And now, VW wants to keep the trophy safe by offering ultra-safety active and passive features. The protection system, such as Pre-Crash Proactive, Side Air Bags, and strong chassis will keep the car in one piece in hard collision.

On the other hands, the active safety assist, such as ABS, Front Assist System, and Rear Traffic Alert will keep the driver focus on the wheel with all information provided in the dash.

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