2016 VW Diesel Lineup Sedan, SUV and Wagon

Volkswagen is one of the best Germany auto manufacturers that has been recognized as the big player in the auto world. Their products are worldwide, their engine considered as the best diesel model, and also they give affordable price for all automotive enthusiasts around the world. They have diesel-powered car in any range of price, allowing the auto fans can buy the VW diesel lineup each year. How about the latest VW lineup for 2016? We’ve gathered all data and are ready to present the lineup of VW diesel that is worth to purchase in 2016.

VW Diesel Sedan Lineup

VW has various sedan for automotive fans start from the least to the most expensive price. From the compact sedan segment, VW Jetta is good for those of you who want to buy cheap diesel-powered sedan. The MSRP is starting at $ 17,000 for VW Jetta. Another option is VW Passat that is worth for $ 22,300 or you can choose the CC model for more sophisticated technology starting at $ 34,000.

2016 VW Diesel Lineup

The sedan is great for the auto fans that want to look trendy and stylish in the street without sacrificing their budget for fuel and leasing price. Besides, all fo those sedans equipped with new diesel technology that will keep the engine last forever.

SUV and Wagon Lineup from Volkswagen

You may hear about VW Tiguan that released this April. This SUV is a family hauler that will ensure that all the passengers feel comfortable and safe during the trip. The price is also reasonable, starting at $ 24,890. But if you want to reduce the cost, then you can choose the Golf SportWagen that priced $ 21,000. It is 5-seater SUV that fit for your family.

2016 VW Diesel Lineup

Meanwhile, for the top-notch performance, the new VW Touareg is worth $ 49,000. Among the others VW diesel lineup, the new Touareg offers great performance and most luxurious design. You won’t be disappointed with what the new Touareg has to offer.


If you want to look stylish in a small car with exquisite design, the compact VW diesel lineup will be the best selection ever. VW Beetle now is coming out with more contemporary design. It is called as the Sporty Icon of Beetle. Other options are VW Golf and Golf GTI that comes out with complete features and advanced safety system.

For this lineup, the price is starting at $ 19,000 for the Beetle and $ 20,170 for Golf while the GTI is worth for $ 25,595. That’s all the lineup of VW Compact series that now is available in the US marketplace.

Convertibles Lineup

There is only one convertible lineup from Volkswagen for 2016. The top-down Beetle is a new transformation of the classic VW Beetle. This convertible provide 4 seats for passengers and adopts the vintage style of VW Beetle. But with a new twist, this convertible looks elegant and chic on the city street. The price of the VW Beetle Convertible is approximate $ 25,490 as MSRP.

Those are the VW diesel lineup that is available for 2016. You can choose the car that fit with your style, budget, and your desire.

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