2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Series Release Date

We may start telling people that 2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Series does German sport-luxury car better than the Germans after driving the previous XE. But this may be a small overstatement. We already know that Mercedes absolutely has the luxury, BMW has the sport down, and Audi is somewhere between them, but this new Jaguar series does almost everything right. This car is the all-wheel-drive version. So, if you’re looking for the no-fun car, then you won’t get it. But the power and the steering is there and at least off the line too.

Engine and Transmission

2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Series has 2.0 liter diesel turns over quickly just when you start to hit the pulsing start button and you can hear a very little of the click-clack diesel sound. Fortunately, the old smell is no longer here. The new Jaguar XE takes off smoothly, after a hiccup but you can feel the power from a stoplight. Although the power will be die off little when you paddle it through the gears at high speeds but your driving experience will be fine. Torque stays smooth too and if your foot is planted while you use shifters, the revs will be bounce from 3 to 4.

2017 Jaguar XE Diesel

2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Series has steering which is boosted but still sensitive enough that you don’t need to turn too much when you want to get around corners. When you only drive it on your normal commuting roads and meet few curves in the bunch, the car has the right amount of weight. It is also doesn’t require a lot of correction in corners. The car will drove dead straight on the highway and this is expected so you don’t have to worry.

2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Changes

Like the XJ-Series, the 2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Series feels reasonably stiff maybe a 6 or 7. But when the car absorbs bumps, it is much softer than the previous model. The oversized wheels it’s really close to a perfect mix between handling and ride. And fortunately, the wheel is not as stiff as the 3- Series. Overall, the car looks great, like a mini XF. The front end still manages to look stylish. Indeed, the styling is elegant and super clean overall.

2017 Jaguar XE Diesel

What about the interior of 2017 Jaguar XE Diesel Series? Similar with the exterior, the interior itself is clean without a lot of crazy styling touches especially the cabin. The new Jaguar XE doesn’t have the two big round vents like the XJ one. You can only find a couple of square jobs in the middle. Everything is basically black on black for this cat. The widescreen radio fits perfectly with another interior. The interior won’t disappoint because it feels as nearly more luxurious than other luxurious cars out there. The materials used here are soft to touch and the design completely changes but still give Jaguar vibes. The navigation system is not bad although you have to confirm your destination twice before moving along. In the end, this car won’t disappoint you.

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