2017 VW Diesel Cars Lineup All Series

When it comes to diesel cars, we can’t separate that engine from Volkswagen. Yep, VW is the pioneer when it comes to diesel cars. What about the VW diesel cars line up for next year? Is there something new that will come or they just stuck with their old model and give up the market without a fight. Just quick reminder that a few years ago VW got diesel-related scandal that made them had to recall some of their series. It is not surprising that now, people are looking forward to knowing about the 2017 VW model lineup.

2017 VW Sedan Model

From the sedan segment, there will be 3 variants that would be released in 2017. The first is VW Jetta Sedan which is worth for $ 17,200 for the base model. This car is a family friendly sedan which has good gas mileage rating. On the city, it takes one gallon to reach 28 miles, and it is approximately 40 mpg on the highway. Another option of VW diesel cars on sedan lineup is VW Passat and CC Sedan, which can be alternative for those who want to buy diesel sedan in 2017.

2017 VW SUVs and Wagon

Who said that VW doesn’t have flagship on SUVs and Wagon segment? They have plenty of it. You can choose the least expensive model, it is VW Golf SportWagon which is priced $ 21,000 for the base model. Or you can choose the most expensive item, it is 2017 VW Touareg which is starting at $ 49,000 as MSRP. Meanwhile, for the middle-class series, you can choose the 2017 VW Gold Alltrack which is a family friendly wagon that will fit for all passengers. 2017 VW Tiguan is also good SUV, it is priced $ 25,000 for the base model.

2017 VW Compact All Series

2017 VW Compact All Series
2017 VW Compact All Series

When it comes to compact cars, the VW diesel cars lineup provides a lot of choices for their loyal fans. The VW Beetle is the most favorite variant among of all. The price is starting at $ 19,000 which is very affordable considering it has classic design. The rest is VW Golf Series, which is available in 4 trim levels. The base model is VW Golf which priced $ 19,000. You can even choose the GTI Series which is worth for $ 25,000 or the e-Golf Series with price $ 28,000. Last but not least, you can choose VW Golf R 2017 which is worth for $ 39,000 per item.

2017 VW Convertible

When it comes to VW diesel cars, there is only one Convertible that is available in 2017. It is Beetle Convertible which is worth for $ 24,000 for the base model. This is the same Beetle that uses the same engine with other series.

Those are the full lineup of VW diesel cars that will be released in 2017. Based on our informant, there will be the new variant, named as VW Atlas which will be announced soon. Now you know what to choose when it comes to VW diesel vehicle

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