Meet Modern and Amazing Back To the Future Toyota Truck

Are you one of Back and the Future movie fans? While watching the movie, you surely will amaze with all the vehicles. At first, you might probably in love with an adorable DeLorean car. This super cool car truly can make anyone eyes amazed. If you pay more attention, you actually will find another great vehicle that is amazing as DeLorean car. Yeah, that was Marty’s truck. You may speculate what type of truck it does. How can it look so manly and stunning? This Toyota Truck certainly looks amazing for Marty McFly. For people who have not known about this type may know it as Back To the Future Toyota Truck.

Looks what Back To the Future Toyota Truck got!

In Back to the Future movie, the type of this Back To the Future Toyota Truck was an amazing 1985 Toyota SR5 or Hi-Lux 4X4 pickup. This Toyota Truck is very popular in North America in 1985, and then its appearance in the Back to the Future movie makes its popularity higher than before. In the Back to the Future movie Marty McFly drive an adorable 1985 Toyota Hi-Lux Deluxe 4×4 Xtracab. In the very first time the movie, it is used with the license plate number is 2EZP916. Conversely, it suddenly becomes 2BAK860 in other shows.

The Back To The Future Toyota Truck firstly arrives with exclusive solid front axle and elegant black interior. For the exterior, Toyota chooses the gray color which also makes this truck looks more exclusive. What makes this Back To the Future Toyota Truck so popular because this was the only type where it has the solid front axle in tandem and fuel-injected 22R 4-cylinder engine at that time. That is why this pickup truck is so well-known of its off-road talent and strong durability.

Meet The New Back To the Future Toyota Truck

Back To the Future Toyota TruckIf you are dreaming of having this amazing Back To the Future Toyota Truck with modern style, 2016 Tacoma arrives to make it real. For the 2016 models, Toyota released two cars that are inspired from Back to the Future movie, 2016 Mirai, and Tacoma. The 2016 Mirai was produced as the duplicate of DeLorean car. Furthermore, the 2016 Tacoma was made similarly just like the 1985 McFly’s pickup truck. The 2016 Tacoma was specially designed with roll bar, KC lights, tubular bumpers, and vintage Toyota tailgate.

To make it has great performance, Toyota provides the modern Back To the Future Toyota Truck with two options of engine, the standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder and new 3.5liter V-6 engine along with the 6-speed transmission. By using this engine, this supplies 278 horsepower/6.000 rpm and 265 pound-feet of torque/4.600 rpm. Moreover, both feature port and direct fuel-injection. You surely will get great performance while driving this amazing Tacoma. Not only giving some modification to its engine, Toyota also makes the automotive interior looks great, especially for the cabin. The 2016 Tacoma arrives with wide cabin with ergonomic controls. All the materials have high-quality standard. The cab is also great for family. It provides a large room at the front for two adults and the back seats are great for kids.

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