Best 2014 Diesel Cars with Affordable Price

Diesel cars surely become the best choice for people who want to have economical car. By buying diesel cars, people can save their money because diesel cars will have more fuel efficient. Are you planning on buying a diesel car? If you want to purchase diesel car, you must consider some points such as the quality, engine, price, and other important things. In 2014, lots of car industries offered best 2014 diesel cars with great model and specs. For you who want to purchase diesel car on budget, some diesel cars in 2014 can be great choice. Here are the lists of popular 2014 diesel cars on budget with high quality.

2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen

Best 2014 Diesel Cars

Volkswagen offers a diesel car with great fuel efficiency. The 2014 Jetta SportWagen provides cargo space with 33 cubic ft. For the engine, Volkswagen provides this car with 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo engine that can produce up to 140 hp and 236 lb-feet of torque. With this engine, it has fuel economy rating of 30 mpg city and 42 mpg highway. This series is available in several gears; 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic, or dual-clutch automated manual.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze

Best 2014 Diesel Cars

Around 2014, Chevrolet offered its best 2014 diesel cars, 2014 Chevrolet Cruze. It is equipped with 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo engine which produces 151 hp and 264 lb-feet of torque. Also, 2014 Cruze has 6-speed automatic transmission and fuel economy range of 27 mpg stop and 27 mpg stop and 46 mpg highway.

2014 Volkswagen Golf

Best 2014 Diesel Cars

In 2014, Volkswagen certainly offers lots of its great 2014 diesel cars. The 2014 Volkswagen Golf offers hatchback convenience of economical fuel bills. This car can load up to five passengers. For this series, Volkswagen gives cargo space up to 46 cubics. With TDI’s 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbo engine, it can produce up to 140 hp and 236 lb-feet of torque. The 2014 Volkswagen Golf can deliver 30 mpg city and 42 mpg highway. Volkswagen provides two transmission choice for this series, 6-speed manual, and 6-speed dual clutch automated manual.

2014 BMW

BMW offered its 2014 diesel cars with 328 D’s 2.8-liter engine which produces 180 hp and 280 lb-feet of torque. For the first time, in 2014 BMW introduces it to North America. The performance of this car is very suitable for you who likes sporty. This 2014 BMW has good acceleration with fuel economy range of 32 mpg city and 45 mpg highway. For the transmission, BMW provides this series with standard 8-speed automatic. However, for you who stay in northern, an all-wheel drive option can order.

2014 Mercedes-Benz E250

Best 2014 Diesel Cars

Mercedes-Benz E250 is one of luxury diesel cars with 2.1 liters, 4-cylinder turbo diesel which produces up to 195 hp and 369 lb-feet of torque. For transmission, it is equipped with 7-speed automatic. The fuel economy of this car is ranged at 28 mpg stop and 45 mpg highway. With this car, you surely will have great driving experience and feel comfort while on road.

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