The Best 3 Diesel Cars in America You Can Choose

Have you heard about diesel cars? If you are, you maybe have known that these kind of the cars actually become the vehicle mostly chosen by those who like to own the vehicle with a big power. As it is known that a vehicle using diesel machine can produce a big power and it influence the performance on the road. Usually, the diesel car is driven on the road with a hard condition like in the forest or in the desert. That is why you maybe will find some diesel cars in America. The dessert which is spread on America makes there are many manufacturers produce this kind of the car.

However, not all diesel cars can be found in this country. Thus, what diesel cars that you can find there? For you who are curious enough about the answer, below is the explanation which will give you information about the diesel cars that is used by many Americans. Hence, do not wait for it for so long, you just read it as in the following paragraphs.

Chevrolet Colorado

diesel cars in America

Do you have known about Chevrolet Colorado? Yes, it is a pickup truck car that is famous enough in America. The tough design of a pickup truck car will be a good thing which makes many Americans are falling in love with. As one of the favourite diesel cars, this Chevrolet Colorado actually has a great powertrain. A 2.8 L turbo diesel becomes the engine of this vehicle. Combined with another powertrain technology, this car produces 181 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. With the city fuel that reaches 22 mpg and 31 mpg for highway makes this car always attract people in America. In addition, another engine provided is 3.6 L DOHC V6.

Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel

diesel cars in America

Another diesel cars in America that uses turbo diesel as its powertrain is Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel from Chevrolet manufacturer. This car indeed is as good as the previous car in which it will offer a great engine so that this vehicle can be driven well in the all road condition in America. The engine used is 2.0 L DOHC engine with clean diesel. The power that will be produced is about 151 hp and the torque reaches 264 lb-ft. Then, for another engine provided, you will find 1.8 L DOHC I-4 in which it can produce 138 hp and the torque that is 125 lb-ft. The clean turbo diesel in this vehicle is a special thing from it.

Chevrolet Express Cargo Vans

diesel cars in America

Then, a diesel cars in America that you can choose is still from Chevrolet. Express Cargo Vans comes with a great diesel engine that is 6.6 L turbo diesel from Duramax with V8 engine. Actually, it is the best diesel in its class. Here, with the engine, you will get power up to 260 hp while the torque can reach 252 lb-ft. With the power, indeed you have met the best vehicle to help you in doing many activities on all condition of the road. In addition, for the fuel itself, biodiesel is used in this vehicle.

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