The Best Diesel Minivan 2015 You Should Have

Having a car that represents your personality is a must in these days. Especially after you have family, you will be more family oriented, including when you have to choose the most suitable car for your family. But, what if you want to have more than just a family car, but also a stylish car that will be suitable for your style? If you want to keep being stylish, there are some best diesel minivan 2015 that you can consider buying for satisfying both your family needs and also the stylish looking car you need for your performance. Are you curious about them? Here are some quick reviews about the cars we chose.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

As the automotive industry becomes more open to hybrid cars, the Highlander also adopted the hybrid technology to be embedded in their cars. This is one of best diesel minivan 2015 that is placed in number one position in our list. The Highlander Hybrid is designed as 3-row car that has great reviews on fuel-efficiency. There are still many competitors that has better score on gas mileage, but this is still great with its 28 miles per gallon score. This makes the Highlander Hybrid as one of the competitors that is hardly beaten. This is a suitable for you who have kids because it will be more comfortable to be driven on city roads. The Highlander Hybrid is price at the rate of $41,000.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The second car in or diesel minivan 2015 is Mitsubishi Outlander. This car is powerful and can give great performance with 31 mpg while being driven on the highway. The 25 mpg city driving experience score is also a great thing for you to consider buying this car for your family. As a car with 3 rows, this is also suitable for you who have big family. The car is available in ES and SE models that can be suited to your own style and needs. These cars can be bought by spending $24,000. A worthy price for a beautiful car with powerful engine that can produce up to 166 horsepower as a city car.

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

Another hybrid product for the minivan lovers. This is one of the best diesel minivan 2015 that is also a most wanted car for the season. For its fuel efficiency, the Pathfinder Hybrid scores at 27 mpg on the city roads and 25 mpg on the highway. This is also a great car for you who love the modern yet still strong look of the car. The pricing details are not announced yet, but it is estimated that Pathfinder Hybrid will be marketed with the price at $36,000 rate.

Mazda 5

The car looks so clean, beautiful with a bit touch of elegance on it. This is a car with comfortable dual sliding doors that will be suitable for you who have kids. This is also a quite powerful car which is powered by 4 cylinders engine. The 2.5 liter engine can produce up to 160 horsepower while it is also performing quite impressing fuel economy at 22 mpg on the city roads and 28 mpg on the highway. The only thing that makes it not too attractive is that Mazda 5 only available in 6 seats series while it is cost $21,000 as one of best diesel minivan 2015.

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