The Best Diesel SUV In 2016 That Still Recommended

Hello, car enthusiast! If you are now interested in talking about engine inside of the car or such reviews about that kind of thing, there is this thing named Diesel SUV which we can talk about. Well, now we are going to talk about the best diesel SUV in 2016. Since this is the beginning of the new year 2017, then the review of the diesel SUV would be available for the 2016 ones or before that. The number of diverse diesel SUV options has grown to the point where buyers can expect to find a turbo diesel model in almost every segment of the premium market. A few less-pricey diesel machines are now also on offer, rounding out group of vehicles that leverage high torque and respectable fuel consumption as their most appealing qualities. Well, now we will see those which is somehow considered as the best diesel SUV in 2016 with its own explanation.

The first one is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel. Well, this 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel is a fairly recent additional to the off road marque’s lineup. Well although not the first diesel-powered Cherokee Eco Diesel that is sold in the world especially the United States, this model is pretty advanced with a sporting a 3.0 filter V 6 that makes the function of the direct fuel injection and ceramic glow plugs to the product of 240 horsepower mpg in stop-and-go driving. As with all Grand Cherokees, the Eco Diesel model can be ordered with four-wheel drive and also offers an air suspension option so because of that, this is considered as the first thought of people in categorizing the best diesel SUV in 2016.

Best Diesel SUV In 2016

The second best diesel SUV in 2016 is the BMW X5 xDrive 35d with $57.700. Well as the tagline of BMW ‘The ultimate driving machine’ BMW is really good at keeping their tagline to the customers. This car is one of the sportiest SUV’s around, with 0-60 times that compete with vehicles far more expensive and could be considered as the luxurious ones. In the twin, BMW xDrive35d turbocharged 3.0L inline six is rated to produce 255 horsepower and clocks in a 0-60 time in less than 7 seconds. That is an impressive number for many sports coupes. This diesel engine is rated by the EPA to get an estimated 26 combined mpg. Just like the most BMW cars, the xDrive35d is built to perform on the road. For BMW, this never means simple acceleration. It includes the entire driving experience, from the way the car handles to the comfort of the ride. The xDrive35d does exceptionally well in these areas, despite its size and available third-row seating, the xDrive35d handles like a much smaller vehicle. The BMW X5 xDrive35d capitalizes on the things BMW drivers want most in a BMW while also holding on to the company’s core values in their production vehicles: driver enjoyment. That is why this is becoming my favorite in the list of the best diesel SUV in 2016.

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