The Best Diesel SUV in 2016

The Best Diesel SUV in 2016 – When it comes about the family hauler, we are looking forward to finding the best diesel SUV on earth that can accommodate what we need the most. We all know that there are a lot of SUVs with diesel motor out there waiting for us, but we have to be selective in choosing our partner on the street. The essence of SUV is providing great experience and safety for the driver and passengers while generating enough power to roam the street in all terrain. Plus, the best diesel SUV must give good gas mileage rating because, at the end of the day, we don’t want to lose our money just for the fuel.

According to those classifications, only a few diesel-powered SUVs out there that can give what we want. Based on our informant –though deep research of the SUVs diesel on the marketplace, we finally found the most anticipated SUV that capable of providing our needs. And we are proud to announce that 2016 BMW X3 28d as the best diesel SUV for 2016. If you asked for the reasons, we have them on our list, why we choose X3 28d, and why this SUV has to offer. Let’s check out the review below.

It Has Excellent Performance

This SUV equipped with 2.0-litre inline-4 engine that capable of producing 180 horsepower with 280 lb –ft of torque. Thanks to the Turbo Diesel system that can boost more power to conquer any kind of terrains. The BMW X3 28d is available in all wheel drive system so the engine has enough support to squeeze the power. Plus, this SUV uses 8-speed Shiftable Automated Transmission for easy-to-use sensation in changing the gear.

You don’t have to be afraid about the performance on the street, 2016 BMW X3 28d can reach 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. We couldn’t find out the top speed but it is approximately 128 mph. The gas mileage rating is excellent with 27 mpg and 34 mpg (cty/hwy). Overall, it has amazing surprise under the hood because BMW won’t disappoint their loyal fans.

It Has Exquisite Design

Another reason why 2016 BMW X3 28d is the best diesel SUV is because this family hauler has amazing interior and exterior style. The exterior looks masculine, bold on the front and trendy on the rear. The windows wrapped with Privacy Glass and combined with roof rack on the top making this SUV looks sporty. And thanks to 18-inches alloy wheels that make it looks higher.

The inside is not as big as you think, yet it is enough to bring your family on adventurous trip comfortably. The interior has 11 color options with premium leather and contrast stitching that will decorate the seats. The split-folding rear seatback is flexible so you can manage the interior easily for any purposes.

The interior is also equipped with advanced safety features and air bags that make 2016 BMW X3 28d is worth to be called as the best diesel SUV for 2016. That’s all we’ve got for you!

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