The Best Small Diesel Car You Can Choose

Nowadays, the development of the engine of cars is too high. It can be shown by there are several kinds of engines that all buyers can choose. It is starting from gasoline engine to diesel engine. You may have heard about them, haven’t you? Moreover, if we talk about diesel engine itself, this engine is developed since there will be some greatnesses which can be got by all of the cars buyer. For instance is that, diesel engine can help the car to make less emission CO2 gas. Besides, it also help the vehicle you driven to get more economical car. Because of those reasons, some manufacturers then innovates best small diesel car.

As having been known that there will be several best small diesel car, here, besides it is good enough from the engine, those vehicles also can be more efficient in the its shape especially from those who drive it in a crowded cities. Then, what are actually those small car using diesel engine? To make you not to be curious anymore, below is the list of the best small car with diesel engine you can choose.

The Best Small Diesel Car in USA

To begin with, there is 2012 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI Slide as one of the best small diesel car. The vehicle which is from Germany here is open of the best diesel cars since it has some great specifications that all car buyers can find. For example is that its mileage which is 30 city and 42 highway. With its power of 2 L 4-cyl turbocharged engine, the power reaches 140 hp. Added with 6 speed manual transmission, this car is more attractive. Then, about the both interior and exterior are good as well. The roomy cabin will be found in this vehicle and nice look of the exterior make the car more greater.

Not only the car from Volkswagen, there is another best small diesel car that is 2012 Audi A3 2.0 TDI Premium Slide. Still coming from German manufacturer, Audi cars becomes one of the best small car with diesel engine. Its mileage that reaches 30 city and 42 highway, its engine that is 2 L 4-cyl turbocharged diesel engine and the transmission will be several good things from this vehicle. The power that can be produced up to 140 hp is quite good. Meanwhile, the features of this Audi car are nice as well. The entertainment system and the safety system will be two things found here.

After that, the next small car that uses diesel engine is 2011 BMW 335d Slide. A better fuel economy which is 5 mpg and its mileage that are 23 city and 36 highway make this BMW’s car comes to the one of best small diesel car. The engine used also becomes the next thing you can consider. Here, the 3 L 6-cyl turbocharged diesel engine is used and produces 265 hp and 425 lb-ft of the torque. The transmission up to the other specification like interior of this vehicle will support it to the best small car having a diesel engine.

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