Best Small Diesel Engine for Pickup Truck to Choose For

Diesel is another engine beside the one that is fueled with gasoline. Diesel usually is installed for heavy vehicle and machine because of its powerful energy-producing. Diesel is also available for individual use in case you need one at home. The used for the home usually is a small diesel. There are some of the best small diesel engines for pickup truck available at store. To define how good a diesel engine in a pickup truck can be from the horsepower, material, as well as convenience. Below are some of the best choices for those who wish to own small diesel powered vehicle.

Top 3 Diesel Engine

The first one included in our best small diesel engine list is 3.0 Eco Diesel from Chrysler car series. It has displacement of about 3 liters with V6 layout engine. The diesel can produce up to 240 horsepower for each of it will be up to 3,600 rpm. The torque of feet it can produce is about 420 lb. The diesel engine is manufactured with four valves per cylinder with water-cooled Garettturborcharger and is made from aluminum alloy. It is a small and a mighty machine. Not only it is powerful but is also eco-friendly.

best small diesel engines

The next best small diesel engine is Cummins’ 5.9 liter with I-6 layout. It can produce 160 horsepower up to 215 horsepower and is completed with OHV of 2 valves cylinder and mechanical fuel injection as well as a fixed turbocharger and 400 feet of torque. The material of the engine is different from the Chrysler one with it made of cast iron instead of aluminum alloy. This machine is well-known for its powerful torque producing and a better mileage of fuel. The capacity of fuel is still bigger than Chrysler, though and may cost more fuel than Chrysler but it is still definitely one of the best ones out there.

best small diesel engines

Another machine making up to the list of best small diesel engine is Duramax’s 6.6-liter machine. It is powered with V8 layout and can produce 360 horsepower. This is definitely among the biggest powered in this list. It can produce 650 feet of torque, which is an incredible number.  It uses 4 valves of OHV valvetrain and Garett variable turbocharger induction. Another reason why this machine is considered a primadonna for pickup truck machine is its easy modification for those who love to build their own diesel machine. Therefore, you can improve the performance of the car.

best small diesel engines

There is Navistar’s 7.3-liter machine that also comes to the list. It uses V8 layout and can produce 275 horsepower, this is small for a machine with bigger capacity compared to other engines above. However, it has great ability to produce torque with up to 525 lb of feet torque. It uses valvetrain of 2 valves OHV per cylinder. It is most famous with its powerplant easily can be boosted for those who want to modify and better the machine. That is all of the top three best small diesel engines for pickup truck.

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