The Best VW Diesel Cars Model and Specifications

Car these days certainly becomes an important vehicle for people. Every year, car industries release its products with new models, types, and features. Cars have many types and every car has different features. For you who want to have an economical car, purchasing a diesel car can be a perfect choice. VW diesel cars are very popular among other diesel cars. Diesel cars commonly have more fuel efficient, so it surely can save your money.

A massive scandal of VW diesel cars

Volkswagen has sold their VW diesel cars since 2013. They create it with modern diesel engine of TDI and powertrain technologies which are more economical than fuel. Diesel cars also produce fewer greenhouses gasses. However, recently VW got a very big scandal with America about its VW diesel cars. VW now is in trouble because this company is cheating in diesel emission test. VW is very well-known with its “clean diesel” engine finally produce its own toxic vapors. VW emission sets a software on over 1.5 million diesel cars in USA that allow the cars to feel a different parameter of its push cycle emission by EPA.

VW Golf and Jetta still a favorite!

Though VW got a big scandal with the USA, several VW diesel cars still become favorite cars for some people. When purchasing a car, make sure you consider several points like models price and features. VW diesel cars have different models and new specs. VW offers great engine and features for each car. Here are the best diesel cars of Volkswagen that are still loved by car lovers.

Volkswagen Golf GTD

Best VW Diesel Cars Model

VW Golf GTD is one of the best diesel cars to buy. It has great performances and very economical. The 2.0-liter diesel engine of its car can produce over 181bhp. For the fuel economy, this VW car has 67.3 mpg. For the interior, GTD has the same interior design just like the standard VW Golf car. You will feel very comfortable while driving because of its huge seat space and the adjustment of steering wheel.

Volkswagen Jetta

Best VW Diesel Cars Model

Jetta is a popular sedan diesel car of Volkswagen. It has 4 corner suspensions that keep you stay on the road in control, it also makes you ride smoothly on the road. Jetta also very efficient, it has 40 mpg highway. For the engine, Jetta has three different engine 1.4T, 1.8T, and 2.0T. The 1.4TDI engine has 28mpg city and 40mpg highway. It can produce 150hp and 184lb of torque. The 1.8TDI engine has 25mpg city and 35mpg highway. It can produce 170hp and 184lb of torque. Moreover, the 2.0TDI engine has 23mpg city and 33mpg highway. It can produce up to 210hp and 207lb of torque.

For the design, Jetta has a very stylish design equipped with its great fog lights at the end of it. The 17” alloy wheels with 5-spoke add the luxury in this cars. In the interior design, the sport seats will make you feel comfortable while driving. The multifunction steering wheel also will keep you in control on the road. You can access the music and other through this. For the safety, Jetta has five stars safety rating from NHTSA for overall. It will add you more comfort.

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