The Cheapest Diesel Truck to Buy for Small Business

It is hard to find the cheapest diesel truck to buy if you don’t know which one to choose. There are so many people out there who are looking for a used diesel truck but they don’t know which one that should be purchased. We know that it is crucial to buy the used diesel truck because if you get the wrong type then you will lose your money. First, you will lose the payment fee and if you are not lucky enough, then you can lose more money for maintenance fee. So, be careful to choose the cheapest diesel truck to own and make sure that you are double check it.

the cheapest diesel truck to buy

2010 Ford F-250

Do you need a super duty truck with the cheap price? We think that the Ford F-250 that made on 2010 could be your new ride. This truck uses 6.4-litre Power Stroke engine with Turbocharged system that will produce enough power for towing and hauling. It is the best in class engine, but it is enough to give you 350 horsepower with 600 lb –ft of torque that is enough for towing and hauling.

2006 Chevy Silverado

The first cheap used diesel truck is the 2006 Chevrolet Silverado, or if you have additional budget then you can choose the 2007 Chevy Silverado. The only problem on this diesel truck is the injector and its cooling system when it is used for towing. But it is not a big deal since it has great acceleration for towing and hauling. Thanks to Duramax engine that produces more than 500 horsepower. This is one of the cheapest diesel trucks to buy for small business owner that needs tough truck for towing and hauling.

2000 Ford Super Duty

When it comes to heavy-duty truck, Ford has a real legend on this segment. The old yet powerful 2000 Ford Super Duty is a recommended diesel truck that comes out with cheap price. It is approximately between $ 8,000 and $ 11,000 for the used 2000 Ford Super Duty. The price could be lower depends on several things, such as its feature, condition and the problem of the truck. The common problem with this truck is the oil pump system. Inside, this beast uses 7.3-litre displacement engine that produces enough power for towing.

1998 Dodge RAM 2500 and 3500

Another option for the cheapest diesel truck to buy is the ’98 Dodge RAM 2500 or its brother, Dodge RAM 3500. Those trucks use 5.9-litre Cummins that produces at least 400 horsepower. The best thing about this truck is the gas mileage that will help you to reduce the cost of fuel. With this truck, you can bring more items and transport more things easily.

Thos are some of the trucks to consider. Keep in mind that even though it is an old year truck, but doesn’t mean it always cheap. Consider several things before you purchase an old used diesel truck. Or just stick to one of those cheapest diesel trucks to buy.

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