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If you are looking Ram Ecodiesel for sale, you need to learn more about the specification of it. So, you can decide whether it meets your preferences or not. Check out the details below.

Ram Ecodiesel Engine Details

Among pickup automaker, Ram has been known to produce the most robust and durable vehicle with better efficiency and diesel engine. One of the engine types, the one that comes out as the best option as your road companion is Ram Ecodiesel. Light duty diesel has been in lots of interest for years, as people start to recognize for its benefits with excellent fuel economy, durability, and reliability. However, it offers numerous exclusive features both in appearance and under the hood.

When you look Ram Ecodiesel for sale, an engine is a part that very crucial. By using CGI block, Ram offers a stronger engine with reduced size and weight. It leads to a very efficient performance and fuel economy for a gallon of diesel. Bedplate is also used to strengthen the block by using four 14 mm bolts per main and additional eight 12 mm bolts for holding the bedplate down. The engine block is designed with 60 degree-V6 configuration with a forged 4140 steel crankshaft. At each bottom part of the cylinder has oil jet to sprays oil up to the piston to keep it fresh during have duty cycles. Featuring a full floating wrist pin, the piston continues rotating assembly as light as possible.

Ram Ecodiesel for sale

Fuel injection system of EcoDiesel uses MultiJet II technology to help to control the injection rate precisely. Using servo valve injectors, the system can accommodate up to 8 fuel injection events per cycle. It means that while the fuel can be delivered correctly, generate more power, create quieter combustion event, and excrete cleaner emission. Fuel efficient capability is usually one of the things to promote Ram Ecodiesel for sale. Additionally, the engine uses Bosch high-pressure fuel pump to maintain 2,000 bars in both fuel rails. It is mounted to the front right side. Moreover, the engine is also designed to handle up to 20% biodiesel (B-20).

Another crucial point is a responsive turbocharger when looking Ram Ecodiesel for sale. EcoDiesel from Ram uses a turbocharger with a small variable geometry to generate lower end power by fastening the diesel boost and fuel addition. Featuring water cooled center section, the turbocharger promotes more durability by preventing oil coking and extending charger’s life.

Engine Configurations

Ram Ecodiesel for sale

Ram Ecodiesel has several types of standard engine options. The first one is a V-6 configuration with 3.0-liter in-line to achieve up to 29 miles per gallon. The engine can generate 240 horsepower and up to 420-pound-feet of torque. It makes the machine is powerful and responsive. Meanwhile, the second option is Pentastar V-6 configuration with 3.6-liter in-line to achieve 25 miles per gallon. It generates better power up to 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. Last, a HEMI V-8 of 5.7 in-line can get up to 22 miles per gallon to produce 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque.

When you see Ram Ecodiesel for sale, do remember those specifications to assure you why purchase it is a worthy thing to do.

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