Diesel Engine Maintenance Basic Tips

Diesel Engine Maintenance – The diesel engine is different from the gasoline engine. That’s why you should know how to maintain and treat it. Maybe you have heard about people that complain about their diesel cars, or maybe it is you. But before you take all of those blames, I have to ensure that you know the diesel engine maintenance. By knowing all the tips and what you have to do with your diesel engine, then you will make it durable. Or at least, you don’t have to deal with problems with your diesel car.

With several diesel engine maintenance tips below, I hope that you know how to treat your car properly. Here the basic treatment to make your diesel engine durable.

Use Coolant Filter

Use Coolant Filter

It would be better to prevent the cooling system clean by using the coolant filter. As we know that some of the lubricants leave some corrosive substance that will remain at the bottom of the tank. It would be so hard for you to clean all of the corrosive substance. And if it left unattended, then it will damage the cooling system faster. So, make sure that you have the coolant filter installed.

Prevent the Overheat

One of the major problems about the diesel engine is overheat. So, the basic diesel engine maintenance tip is that you have to ensure that your engine keeps on the proper temperature. If you drive for a long period and it seems that the engine is overheating then you can turn it off and re-start it again after a few minutes.

Pay Attention to the Air Filtration

I am sure that you do not notice about the air filtration. First, you should know that the diesel engine is containing more air than the gasoline model. So you need to overcome this problem by installing plastic indicator just like what truckers do. The plastic indicator will make you easier to notice whether the air filtration is clean or not because its color will change soon after the air filtration is dirty. It is crucial for diesel engine, especially when it has Turbocharged system because it takes more air than the regular engine.

Oil Filter Selection

It is not only about the coolant filter, but it is the oil filter as well. If the oil is not burned perfectly then it indicates that the oil contains a lot of residues. It also means that you have to install the oil filter in order to ensure that the oil will not bring additional substance to the oil box. I know that it is only a small part, but you will give me a bunch of thanks when you install this part.

Install Electric Heater

Have you ever tried to turn on the engine and it took a lot of time to turn it on? I bet that you have experienced this thing in last winter. You should install the electric heater so you can turn the engine easily when it is already cold. That’s all the diesel engine maintenance tips that you should try in order to make your car durable.

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