Diesel SUV 2017 that are Worth to Wait

SUV is never boring and it always heaps of fans that can be crazy for having the cars. SUV is indeed a car type that is unique and it offers more than unique look but also comfort and stylish design. At the meantime, there is also some diesel SUV 2017 that are released to the market. There are so many SUV with sophisticated look. But, some of them might be too pricey for the beginner buyers. So, here we give you choices of beautiful looking diesel SUV that will be your best choice for your driving needs.

Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel

This car is the latest diesel SUV 2017that is released to the market which is so great and has beautiful looking design. The Grand Cherokee is now sold in America. There are some advanced technology that is so sophisticated for you to have. The engine is also great for your need of power. With 3.0 liter engine with V6 cylinders, it makes the best performance with direct fuel injections. The engine can produce up to 240 horsepower with 420lb-ft torque. The car is also quite fuel economy, while it can score 22 mpg in stop-go driving experience while it can also perform get 30 mpg on highway.

Land Rover Range Rover

This is the different version of Land Rover Range Rover and the newest model in 2016. This is large and beautiful, great to be in many road conditions and will be one of the strongest car you can get. This car is powered with 3.0 liter engine with V6 cylinders. The engine can produce up to 254 horsepower with 443lb-ft torque. The car uses eight-speed transmission in automatic mode. This makes the car is ready for being driven on the even harshest terrain. This is also a great car with four wheel drive features. This car performs quite great fuel economy as diesel SUV 2017, which scored 22 mpg on city roads and 29 mpg on highway.

Mercedes-Benz GLE300d

The car, which is considered as high-end car lineup, has also the diesel version for the SUV series. The GLE300d has is best look of combination between the luxurious design with the powerful engine. The 4 MATIC all-wheel drive id featured on the luxurious car, which is also combined with seven-speed transmission in automatic mode. The car is powered with 2.1 liter engine with four cylinders. The engine produces up to 201 horsepower with 369lb-ft torque. The fuel economy score is at 24 mpg.  This makes the GLE300d as one of best diesel SUV 2017.

BMW X5 xDrive35d

Another high-end car manufacturer also releasing the diesel-powered car that is suitable for the need of city driving. This is a good car which is popular with its great handling experience. This is also a good car since the best features don’t influence the performance of the mpg score. The off road terrain is also good aspect of the car, making it more adored. The car is quite powerful with 255 horsepower and 413lb-ft torque. The engine which is embedded on the car is the 6-cylinder engine with twin turbo 3.0 liter engine. The eight-transmission is also giving a go for xDrive35d performance as best diesel SUV 2017.

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