Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Fuel Economy Rating

When it comes to the fuel economy, people always want to buy a powerful vehicle with the best economy rating. We all know that the price of the gas is always increasing year by year. That’s why the manufacturer always tries to make a new car with the excellent gas mileage rating. On the other hands, the technology brings a short cut with hybrid engine that will cut the gasoline budget. But, the price of the car with hybrid engine is way too expensive. But, what happens in the pickup truck segment? Apparently, this segment still uses conventional engine.

The Dodge Power Wagon 2015 fuel economy rating is pretty good in comparison with other new comers on the market. Even though the path of auto manufacturer starts to change from conventional engine to hybrid engine, but the pickup truck segment still uses the gasoline and diesel model. It seems that they refuse the change and stick with the old-fashioned way. Of course, both of the diesel and gasoline engines would boost more horsepower for towing and hauling. This is what hybrid engine can’t and the conventional engine can do. In this article, we would like to inform you about the fuel economy rating of Dodge Power Wagon.

2015 Dodge Power Wagon Engine

But, before we find out about the Dodge Power Wagon 2015 fuel economy rating, it would be better if we know about the specifications and the engine under the hood. This is an amazing truck that refuses the diesel machinery. It uses gasoline, HEMI-type engine with V8-cyl and 5.4-liter. With those combinations, the truck produces 410 horsepower with 430 lb –ft of torque. It is perfectly matched with the 6-speed auto transmission that will let you drive seamlessly. We could say that this is a modern-day truck that will complement your necessity in driving.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015

Now, let’s talk about the gas mileage and fuel economy rating for the Dodge Power Wagon truck. The test performed by the expert that drove Dodge Power Wagon 2015 from Detroit to Denver. It covered for about 1,243 miles with the speed range at 70 and 70 mph. They drove the truck on consistent speed so it would make it easier to calculate the fuel economy rating. There are several notes you might want to know about the performance of the truck. First, the tires worked perfectly without a noise during the trip on the highway. Thanks to Goodyear Wrangler tires. Second, the engine seems to be stable on the long trip.

After hours of the endless trip, the test was over with good result. The Dodge Power Wagon 2015 took 99 gallons of gasoline that cost $ 187 for the trip from Detroit to Denver. It means that the average gas mileage rating for this truck is about 12,5 miles per gallon. The experts said that the result was good, considering the fuel tank capacity is 31 and with that amount of fuel, it reached 387 miles. So, what do you think about that?

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