The Favorite Fall Guy Badass Truck

When you are rewatching 20th-century television shows, you might find some memorable badass truck appearance moments come up. One of them is the Fall Guy. As one of hit automobile-heavy television shows, there are lots of standout scenes including the appearance of pickup truck. Recreating the scene, you might remember how the truck jumps awesomely in front of a Porsche, don’t you? From that scene, The Fall Guy Truck then becomes everyone favorite.

Looking the Favorite Truck from The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy TruckIn the early episodes, 1980 GMC K-25 The Fall Guy Truck open up the story. The truck is equipped with a 6-inch-lift and 35-inch Dick Cepek tires for off-road performance. Moreover, this first The Fall Guy Truck uses a custom chrome light rack with several warn winch and off-road lights. The truck’s engine is powered by 93’s four-bolt main block with 9:5:1 compression pistons. A Pete Jackson gear-drive also helps to spin the Comp Cams High Energy 270 camshaft and roller rockers to power the engine. Under the hood, you can find An Edelbrock Performer intake places between a set of 1970 oval port and an 850-cfm Quadrajet heads.

Next, The Fall Guy changed its vehicle to 1982 GMC K-2500 Sierra Grande as the main truck. The engine is powered by 350cid V8 hooked up to 350 Turbo Hydra-Matic or 3-speed automatic transmission. This rounded-line The Fall Guy Truck truck has dual fuel tanks which each can holds up to 75 liters (20 gallons) of petrol or a total of 150 liters (40 gallons) collective fuel capacity. At that time, the pickup truck has been equipped with advanced automatic self-locking front axle hubs. It is an axle hub case displays 4×4 with no turn dial for driver to engage.

Look at the shifter, it can be shifted 4-wheel drive system (4WD) to 2-speed dual range transfer case. Or, the shifter is pulled back from rear two-wheel drive (2H) to all four-wheel drive (4H). the “4L” will engage low-range reduction gearing while “N” disengage the T-case to send engine torque through another set of gears. Front and rear drive are coupled up automatically by 4H and 4L for permanent 50/50 front-to-rear torque distribution. Take a note, 4H or 4L engage can never be used on pavement, you must use 2H instead. Look at the front face, you can see the asymmetrical third turning indicator lamp. This model of pickup features a lane departure function for its turn signal lamps.

Meanwhile, inside you can find a hidden built-in compartment into the bed. It is might be one of the best features from this The Fall Guy Truck. It can be accessed from the side of the truck which big enough for you lay down. This compartment space almost has the same size as a large-bed-mounted tool-box. Who can expect that you can get more than enough storage in this limited seating room? The interior use mid-range interior appointments consist of subtly grained and textured interior panels. It is styled up with soft touch dash, moderate bright work, shifters and steering wheel. The seating and flooring material use vinyl. So, have you fallen for this badass truck?

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