The List of Diesel Cars Under 6 Lakhs in India

The price of gasoline is always increasing year by year. It is not surprising that there are a lot of people that affected by this thing, including the automotive enthusiasts in India. They tend to buy new diesel car instead of the gasoline vehicle. If you are interested in buying diesel cars under 6 Lakhs in India, we have a list of the vehicles that worth to buy. These are our selection of low fuel diesel cars that come with affordable prices. Now, let’s check it one by one, the list of diesel vehicles under 6 Lakhs in India.

Tata Tiago Diesel

When it comes about SUV, the Tata Motors has new variant for the automotive enthusiasts in India. The new Tata Tiago Diesel is worth to buy because it has good looking appearance, solid performance, and low fuel consumption as well. It is suitable for those who are looking for cheap diesel SUV under 6 Lakhs in India. You can find the latest generation of Tata Tiago Diesel SUV model in any authorized dealer in India.

Tata Indica Diesel

Another Diesel variant from Tata Motors is India series. This hatchback offers great acceleration as a city car. It is the price of the car is also reasonable because it is under 6 Lakhs. It uses 1396 cc diesel engine, which has great gas mileage rating and nimble. The new Tata Indica Diesel is also enriched with hi-tech features, new gearbox model and also the latest generation of path suspensions.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel

The new Suzuki Celerio is now coming out in India, thanks to their collaboration with Maruti. This compact car is available in three different engines; it is gasoline, CNG and also diesel. You can choose the Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel that offers better gas mileage rating and fuel efficient. It’s small diesel motor produces at least 45 horsepower, which is so fuel efficient to drive. As one of the diesel cars under 6 Lakhs in India, the new Suzuki Celerio Diesel is worth to buy.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel

The American manufacturer also has something to offer in India. The new Chevy Beat is now available in Diesel model. It has excellent gas mileage rating, it is approximately 25.44 km/l. Thanks to 1.0-litre diesel engine under the hood that gives you enough power without consuming more fuel. Regardless of its performance, the appearance of Chevrolet Beat is superb. Inside, it also has great interior design with spacious room for 4 passengers.

Hyundai i10 Diesel

Last but not least, we have Hyundai i10 Diesel as the diesel cars under 6 Lakhs. It does not only have great price but also comes out with better fuel efficiency. The best part about this compact hatchback is the interior features that now updated. This car is also available in different trim level, you can choose the Grand model if the base model is not enough. Of course, the price would increase as higher trim level equipped with better features. Those are the list of diesel cars under 6 Lakhs in India.

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