All-new 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Diesel

2017 Volkswagen Beetle – 2017 Volkswagen Beetle will show in Europe marketplace in November 2016 and then will start to invade the US marketplace at early 2017. Surprisingly, the new VW Beetle will be available in two versions. The hatchback model will keep the old-fashioned bodywork just like the classic 80s models. Meanwhile, the convertible is extremely beautiful with open roof and chic body. This is a combination of the contemporary and classic model that will impress automotive enthusiasts around the world. The price of the hatchback and convertible model is different. The hatchback will be priced € 23,650 while the convertible is between € 26,000 and € 27,500. The price is still in European currency because VW hasn’t announced the price of the all-new Beetle in the US yet.

The premier of the 2017 VW Beetle is in Detroit and it would be better if you were there to witness its transformation. Basically, both of those trim levels use the previous model for the bodywork, with classic curve on the rear and front hood. But there are some changes on the all-new Beetle 2017, such as the aluminum skid skirts that will give shiny look. The ground clearance is also increased a few millimeters in order to make the room larger. Plus, this time, the will use 18-inches wheels and give underbody protection. The rest still stick with the old prototype that used in the classic VW Beetle.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle Engine and Performance

The diesel engine is available in two different versions. Both of them are turbocharged diesel that mated with 6-speed transmission with manual and automatic model. The first option is 1.6-litre Turbo Diesel-4 that will generate 110 horsepower or the 2.0-litre engine that will squeeze up to 150 horsepower. The all-new 2017 Volkswagen Beetle will get front-wheel drive and there’s no all-wheel drive model for this car.

2017 Volkswagen Beetle


This series is also available in 3 gasoline engines ranged from 1.2-litre and 2.0-litre. Now you can get more options for your new car. We have limited information about the details of the engine but we promise to update it soon for the loyal fans. The rumor says that there’s minor update regarding about the engine because it’s built with aesthetic refers to the legendary of VW Beetle. It’s not surprising that there’s no major change on the exterior and interior because VW wants to keep it just the way it is.

Features and New Technologies

Despite VW wants you to reminisce with the legendary VW Beetle, but they have upgraded several features in order to ensure you feel its modernity. 2017 Volkswagen Beetle is now completed with Bi-Xenon Headlamps that will give better lighting during the day and night. LED License Plate is also mounted on the rear and front plates. Volkswagen also introduces the high-end Multimedia MIB II that will allow you to control the interior features with your voices on its 6.3-inch touch screen.  VW also lets you enjoy Android or iPhone Connectivity for enjoyable entertainment system that connected with Fender Stereo System. Now, you can feel the old-fashioned style with advanced technologies at the same time on 2017  Volkswagen Beetle.

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