New Hybrid Pickup Truck in 2017

This article is made for those who are ready to enter the new stage of pickup truck segment. Some people think that the diesel or gasoline pickup truck has no longer needed in the future. As the replacement, a hybrid pickup truck would be the brand new item in the truck industry. Nowadays, electric cars are starting to dominate the auto market. As the result, some of the big players start to make their prototype model to keep the fans loyal. Tesla, could be said, is the pioneer in this market since they are releasing at least 2 electric cars every year.

BMW also starts to produce their own hybrid vehicle with luxury touch on the body. It seems that the war starts in this segment. And it is not surprising that not far from now, the truck market will go in different path. The hybrid pickup truck is waiting in the corner and is ready to be the new favorite. So, brace yourself for the new era of pickup truck. Moreover, there is some auto manufacturers that start to introduce and test their truck prototype. Who are they? If you are curious, keep reading!

2017 GMC Sierra Hybrid

New Hybrid Pickup Truck in 2017GMC is a big brand in the pickup truck industry. GMC Sierra is one of the most popular pickup trucks on the market. Now, the manufacturer gives you a chance to drive hybrid pickup truck named as GMC Sierra Hybrid SLT that comes along with the assist System. It is a plug in hybrid engine truck that will give you new level of driving with truck. This truck has two motors; the first is the gasoline and the second is electric battery that can be used in the ‘safe mode’. Even though the price is not budget-friendly for the auto fans, but this electric truck is worth to wait.

2017 Ford F150 Hybrid

New Hybrid Pickup Truck in 2017Ford is also one of the leading autos manufacturers in the market. This year, they are introducing the new type of electric truck named as F150 Hybrid. This one would be equipped with EcoBoost engine and new electric motor. Thanks to the electric battery that manages to reduce the fuel consumption and gives you more miles range. Plus, Ford gives an engine that still gives you enough power for towing and hauling. Even though this variant is still under-development, but Ford promises that this truck is worth to wait because it gives you new sensation of driving pickup truck.

Those are the only hybrid pickup truck that arises in the US market this year. But, we need to remind you that it would be better to wait one or two years from now if you want to buy electric truck. Some of them are still on trial season. We are afraid if there will be unpredicted damage in the future and it couldn’t be handled. While waiting for the first generation of hybrid pickup truck released, you can use your old truck and seize the moment with it.

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