The Price of Ford Diesel Cars in India

The Ford diesel cars would be the great selection for those of you who want to buy a fuel efficient car. During this time, we are confused in determining whether we should buy gasoline or diesel based cars. But let’s make it clear, the price of petrol is always increasing each year. Meanwhile, the price of diesel tends to be stable. So, if you want an affordable car then the diesel engine would be the right selection for you. Moreover, the diesel engine is way more durable than the gasoline engine.

Ford is one of the best auto manufacturers in the world. Their products spread around the corner of the world. Starts from small city in Minnesota to the rural county in India, you can find at least one Ford’s product. Talk about Ford diesel cars, there are only two variants that use diesel engine. It seems that Ford discontinues the production of diesel car because they prefer to sell cars that use gasoline or now, plug-in hybrid series. And those two cars can be found in India. Now, let’s check Ford’s lineup in diesel segment that sold in India auto market. Let me introduce you to Ford Aspire and the latest generation of Ford Figo.

2016 Ford Figo

The price of the next generation of Ford Figo is starting at 454,000 lakh in India. The price is affordable and worth with what you get. There are two engines available for the new Ford Figo 2016/2017. The base model uses petrol engine with 18 l/km as the gas mileage. Meanwhile, the one that comes with diesel engine has better gas mileage, it is more than 24 l/km. It is not surprising that this 5-seat car with diesel engine is preferred that the same series that uses petrol system.

2016 Ford Figo hatchback diesel

This hatchback looks great event though it has tiny size. The exterior looks elegant, just like other classic Ford’s flagships on the market. It uses hexagonal grille, new bespoke alloy wheels, and also ergonomic design. Inside, everything looks great with comfortable leg room and extra storage.

2016 Ford Aspire

Another Ford diesel car that you can find in India is the new Ford Aspire. This is a compact sedan that comes with the elegant style. Overall, the exterior and interior design of Ford Aspire is similar with the Ford Figo. The design is a blend of elegance and sporty style. Ford also offers ingenious technology that makes driving is so much fun.

2016 Ford Aspire

Talk about the price, the new Ford Aspire is worth for 529,000 lakh. It is more expensive than the Ford diesel cars in the same market. It comes with the best in class safety system and extra airbags that will minimize the risk of driver. And thanks to its fuel-saving technology that can reduce the fuel consumption. The gas mileage rating for Ford Aspire is 25 l/km, which is great.

Those are the Ford diesel cars lineup that sold in India. Among of these cars, which one you would prefer?

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