Top 4 2014 Diesel Cars on the Market

The car with diesel machine variant often offers as the more economical fuel use kind of car. It might not as air healthy and pollutant free as other kind of machines, but it is diesel is a good choice for better performance and more efficiency in the fuel use. Some automakers dedicated a model with diesel machine and some produce the diesel version of the more popular regular one. Here we have list of top 4 2014 diesel cars on the market.

Top Rated 2014 Diesel Cars

  1. BMW 328d

Guess anyone can see the d in the series name may refer to Diesel and this is probably true. The BMW 328d. This BMW may be among the least popular in BMW lines but it does not mean it doesn’t perform well. This car is powered with 2.0 liter power plant of four cylinders. It can produce 180 horsepower and 280 feet of torque. Such number is a high one for a car in this class. As addition, BMW plants this car to be more efficient in fuel and it scored 38 mpg per gallon in the highway. For both a performer and economical car, BMW 32d is a good choice to go and definitely one of the top 2014 diesel cars.

  1. Audi A6

Audi slays again with its Audi A6 in term of both horsepower and fuel efficiency. Audi always offer many option for one model of the car and in Audi A6, there is the diesel powered option with 3.0 liter diesel V6 engine that can produce an impressive number of horsepower, 240 horsepower and excellent feet of torque on 406 ft. With that much of power, the car doesn’t leave the fuel efficiency point behind. It can reach 29 miles per gallon. Winning both the performance and the fuel efficiency, Audi A6 even supported again with its mid-sized design that further support an agile and crisp performance, making it among the top 2014 diesel cars.

  1. Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze has topped many lists as one of the most economical diesel powered car and it is only make sense to put it into this as well. Chevrolet Cruze powered with 2.0 liter AT diesel machine. It can produce 151 horsepower and can reach 46 mpg in highway. The efficiency of the fuel has been tested and Chevrolet has successfully make this one as one of the most economical 2014 diesel cars. Since it is the first passenger car using diesel Chevrolet ever made in the last 28 years, there might be some glitch but the overall performance is good.

  1. Volkswagen Golf TDI

The legendary Volkswagen released Volkswagen Golf TDI among the diesel powered car line. This car is powered with Volkswagen special TDI machine that can produce 42 miles per gallon in the highway and 30 miles per gallon in the city. The car is specifically built in diesel machine as part of fuel efficient car line up. The car is also designed in a more angular look to indicate good performance and is among the top 2014 diesel cars on the market.

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