Top 4 of the Small Cars with Diesel Engine in 2016

Nowadays, there are not too much people who still like to ride with diesel-car. However, car with diesel engine still exists and famous because of its fuel economy. For the best quality, there are some upgrading for the car with diesel engine, one of them is the increasing of engine power which make it better. In some way, there are also small cars with diesel engine which become the favorite one. With the simplest design and economical car, those kind of cars can be the choice. So, what kind of cars with diesel engine that might be the best? Let’s check this out!

Top 4 Small Cars with Diesel Engine 2016

The first highly recommended small cars with diesel engine is Skoda Superb Estate. With the well-price, it can be the best ride of your car. It also comes with some specifications which super worthy. It has two of 2.0 litre diesel with the best price. Then, if you can get a look of its exterior, it has the best high quality luxurious car ever. If you like the red color, it must be the best one because its red has the most impact that make you be more confident by riding on it.

Then, the second recommendation is Mercedes E-Class Saloon. As the best small cars with diesel engine, it has been launched in 2016 and successfully getting much intention as the comfortable and impressive high technology kit. Besides, with the old 2.1 litre, it still can provide more power The most important is, it has the highly super economical fuel used. If you are looking for the small cars with diesel engine, Mercedes E-Class must be the best choice.

For the third recommendation of small cars with diesel engine, you can choose BMW 3 Series Saloon. With some updating in the last year, it becomes more powerful and elegant. With the sport model, BMW 3 Series Saloon still offers the most comfortable car with the most wonderful interior. For the best diesel engine, it has been completed with the 161bhp 2.0 litre 4 cylinder 320d which is still enough. For the best recommendation, BMW 3 Series Saloon has red color exterior which will make it more wonderful and elegant in one time.

For the last recommendation, Vauxhall Astra hatcback can be the best small cars with diesel engine. Although it has the old model, it still has better driving with some upgrading to make it more high technology and well built so that you can get it in the comfort way. With the features of 109bhp 1.6 litre Whisper diesel, it becomes the favorite one. However, whatever car that you will chose or buy, you have to remember that you have to buy car that you really need on. You have to choose the best one which proper on your needs. It must be the best if you have the small car with the diesel engine, but you have also to suit it on your needs. So, have a nice discussion on which car that will you take to your home!

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