2016 Ford Raptor Price And Engine Review

Ford is the most stealing brand in the ongoing NAIAS 2015. In addition to the Ford GT 2016 is cool and controversial, there is another Ford F-150 Raptor 2016, Ford’s giant pick up truck the original is already big, but now it is now growing again its dimension. For you who wonder how much the 2016 Ford Raptor Price is, better keep on reading this.

The North America International Auto Show (NAIS) which is actually known, as the Detroit Moto Show is a show of skill for all automotive manufacturers is no exception for the big car manufacturer from the United States is Ford. Where they also show skill to showcase New Ford F-150 Raptor who has great power and strong toughness. Even with steel frame structure and the use of aluminum alloy body construction does not make the weight of this Pickup have a heavy weight. With the merger of both materials are able to cut the weight up to 250 Kg.

Before jump to the 2016 Ford Raptor Price, it is beneficial to talk about the performance and capabilities of the Ford Raptor itself. Not only that the performance and capabilities generated by the kitchen runway pick-up are growing larger, with a new 3.5-liter engine with Ford’s flagship Eco boost technology capable of delivering 600 horsepower. This machine even claimed more powerful than the V8 engine capacity of 6.2 liters that can only spout maximum power reaches 411 Hp and 588 Nm of torque only. To deliver large power from the machine is given 10-speed transmission with the drive All Wheel Drive. Well, rich already big truck bro and bro sis that has acceleration more than 8 accelerations.

2016 Ford Raptor Price

Still, with a big body and rigid typical F-150 Raptor, Ford’s full size pick up truck is also still keeping her heritage with a large Ford writing on the front grill. Talking about 2016 Ford Raptor Price, Ford claims they have made the F-150 Raptor 2016 a full-size pick up truck bigger, tougher, smarter, more reliable in off-road terrain, and most importantly for today more efficient than the previous Raptor, one of them By reducing the weight of 227 Kg thanks to the use of Ford’s Aluminum Body. Even so, maybe some people will be pessimistic first to know the Raptor V8 engine is now turned into a V6 engine.

Do not ever doubt the 3500 cc V6 EcoBoost engine behind the hood of this latest Raptor 2016. Although it is smaller than the previous Raptor’s V8 engine, its energy reaches 411 HP and 587 Nm of torque. The first new gene engine has been tested and proven in the 1000 Steel event of 2010 ago. So do not be surprised if there will be additional emblem Eco Beast in this car. Everything about Ford F-150 Raptor is never standard, and so is the 2016 Ford Raptor Price. However, the Raptor is always unbelievably great, amazingly powerful, amazingly powerful and unbelievably tough. Want to know more amazing fact again? Now the transmission has ten accelerations.

2016 Ford Raptor Price reportedly spread their price with price range $ 49,520. This can be the right choice for those who want a double cabin car but with a very strong power.

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