2016 GMC Savana Diesel Review

2016 GMC Savana Diesel – 2016 GMC Savana Diesel is a brand new van that will allow you to get enjoyable driving experience and keep your business running. Cargo Van is different than the other vehicles because it made for specific purpose. It’s not a family-hauler or your daily city car. This one is suitable for a shipping company or engineer’s moving weapons. We all know that a cargo van has more spaces on the inside that can be arranged depends on our intention to help the business grow. As the demand of the cargo van is always increasing lately, GMC produces the all-new Savana Cargo van that now is powered with diesel engine.

GMC is not only focused in its space, but they’re also concern about the performance of the van. The StabiliTrak will enhance the performance of the van by helping you to stay in control behind the wheel. GMC claims that 2016 GMC Savana Diesel uses Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) which is more environmentally friendly than others. And there’s plenty of change for better driving experience with this cargo van. This variant is a serious threat for other cargo vans that already released. You can find this cargo van at the early June 2016 as well.

2016 GMC Savana Diesel Engine and Technology

The engine is a biodiesel which is considered the most powerful diesel engine among of all. It produces 260 horsepower with 524 lb –ft of torque which offers great acceleration for towing and hauling. Thanks to V8 6.6-litre Turbo Diesel engine that has the same ability with the heavy-duty truck. Now you can bring anything you want on the back there without calculating the power of this van. GMC knows that the biggest obstacle in towing and hauling with the cargo van is the transition on the gear on the hilly roads. But with the Dual Shift Mode, now the van has better gears holder that give you smooth transition on the climbing roads.

2016 GMC Savana Diesel

GMC Savana Diesel is offering Wireless 4G Hotspot and Bluetooth Mode to keep the driver connect with your business’ apps. Tracking your troops is way easier with this wireless technology. The driver also gets advanced technologies, such as the Parking Assist features for enjoyable escape from the parking lot, Remotelink, and also Rear Vision Camera. GMC also knows that in order to help you run the business, they put Business Elite Dealers feature that will help you to find the nearest dedicated dealers to ensure your vehicle is always ready to fight.

Price and Release Date

The starting MSRP is $ 30,000 and it’s not including the shipping fee and tax. You can call your nearest GMC authorized dealer to find out the payment and lease price for 2016 GMC Savana Diesel. The price is not too expensive considering the average price for cargo van is standing between $ 23,000 and $ 32,000 in the US market. GMC won’t let you down and they promise that all the features and engine will give the best driving experience for the driver and increase the profit of the business.



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