2017 RAM 2500 Diesel Power Wagon

2017 RAM 2500 Diesel – 2017 RAM 2500 Diesel could be your partner for heavy duty hauler and keep your business alive. This truck will help you to run your business easier because it offers 12,000 lbs capacity of towing. And everything is automated with electronic sway bar disconnect that can be mounted on and off with just single push. And with all of the improved specification and more engine options, you can choose the variant that fits with your way of life. This time, we will keep our eyes on the RAM 2500 Diesel that will come out at early 2017. Now, let’s start it from the appearance and design.

Exterior and Interior

The hood looks bold with new bumper that has the same design with the cover of the grille. A huge name RAM on the center of it redefines the philosophy of this company. The LED comes along with Fog Lamps that will give better lighting and provide good vision in the low-light situation. And thanks to Good Year Tires that wrap all of the 33-inches wheels that will let you travel on all kind of terrains easily. The distinctive style can be seen on the hood with new Wagon Hood Decal that complements the style. Now, you’ll get well-equipped truck for new adventure.

The interior offers comfort and safety with more features. The cargo box on the center will keep everything neat and the new bonus structure will protect the passengers against the crash. The comfort features are including heated and cooled seats that will keep the temperature good. This truck offers great cabin with new dash like a luxury sports car.

Engine and Performance

This truck has everyone’s most wanted engine; Cummins Diesel that generates massive power and keeps the fuel consumption low. It’s been known as the world-class engine that offers outstanding performance among of all. Thanks to 6.7-litre Turbo Diesel that comes along with engine braking technology – a new system that works like adaptive cruise control that will help you on the downward slope. The engine brake will keep the diesel engine runs smooth and increase its ability on breaking nicely and well-balanced.

2017 RAM 2500 Diesel

It generates up to 350 horsepower with 800 lb –ft of torque which is great because it’s easy to haul heavy loads with that amount of power. And you don’t have to be afraid about the durability of the engine because it’s B20 Bio-Diesel approved. We couldn’t find about the gas mileage and range on miles but we’re still working on it.

Price and Release Date

This variant will be released with the other trim levels at the price between $ 30,000 and $ 45,000 as MSRP. This truck would be a solution for auto fans that are trying too hard in finding a diesel-powered truck in 2017. RAM hasn’t announced the press release of this truck and there’s possibility that there will be more changes for the new 2017 RAM 2500 Diesel. We’re still looking forward to knowing about that and inform the loyal readers about RAM Power Wagon.

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