2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Specs and Overall Price

When famous automakers are having a war in releasing brand new line up for 2016, GMC steadily growing and come in solid position with their own car models. One of the many models is GMC Sierra. It has risen to popular pickup truck design. For the upcoming year, they will release the newest Sierra and 2018 GMC Sierra Specs is expected to have better features and performance. It promises of a reliable but also good looking towing car. The description below will cover the details from specification to price and release date.

2018 GMC Sierra Engine Specification

The specification of the engine is pretty much like the new millennium cars are now employing. This pickup car is powered by V6 engine of 4.3-liter capacity. Much spacious than any other car fuel capacity, the car still has impressive EPA score and is economical enough. The engine can produce 285 horsepower with six-speed of the auto transmission. The speed of this pickup truck can go up to 18 mpg in city and 24 mpg on the highway. The torque produced is 383 at 4100 rpm. Overall, the 2018 GMC Sierra specs are impressive. The capacity is enough to take this car on ride for a long and difficult distance. With such specification, GMC Sierra newest version can also be utilized for heavy working as well.

2018 GMC Sierra Specs

Exterior & Interior

For the exterior of the car, it does not look much different with the former GMC Sierra but it does look a decent 2018 pickup truck. The body is more polished and the grill is accentuated as ever. The painted steel wheel also added aesthetic to this car. The squarish headlamps give off archaic feel with bold bumper in silver color. Aside from that, this highly polished design does not have any intricate elements of look and look classy as well. The bulky front part may remind us of the front part of the premium vintage car and it does really well in giving GMC Sierra a signature look. It really is an impressive pickup car despite not coming from the biggest automaker.

2018 GMC Sierra Specs

As for the interior, this crew cab designed car has 3 passengers seat and quite a solid grip on the steering wheel. The seats are made of cloth seat with front air conditioning. Not only that, the interior of the car also comes with first row LCD monitor for navigation and other stuff and radio as well. The technology may pretty much common 2018 GMC Sierra specs but it comes with many driving and safety support for a better ride on the difficult road. This makes up much for what it lacks. The leg room is also quite comfortable and its high seat is due of the front part of the car that stood tall.

Price and Release Date

A pickup truck with modern look is now also a trend and GMC Sierra comes with competitive price from $38,000 to $43,000. The price is quite acceptable for a car with 2018 GMC Sierra specs. As for the release date, the car is already released and coming with various version of engine and model, making it a good alternative to domestic pickup truck.

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