2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka Specs & Review

Another big automaker that will enchant the upcoming year of 2018 by releasing new line up of their car is Toyota. Toyota is famous for their machinery and excellent Japan technology and now they are trying to bring it into 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka specs and will excite their loyal fans with their new innovation. Toyota Hilux Tonka is a unique type of Toyota line up. that speaks masculinity and extreme driving experience. For the detailed specification and review, check this out.

The car comes with impressive exterior look. It looks like Toyota is trying to bring something new to domestic market. The car is designed in somewhat gigantic and solid shape. The car is built in crew cab design just like any other pickup truck but the overall look scream of Off-Road ride and a very fashionable car. With yellow and black stripe combination in both body and wheel, the car looks fashionably fierce. The words Tonka and Hilux are printed on the body. This vibrant and unusual design is a fresh change. With build spoiler and tailgate, it thirsty for adventure. With such exterior 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka specs is a fresh look at the upcoming year.

2017 Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept

As for the interior of the car, it can be described as freshly polished one. It comes with leather dashboard and seat in black color. It is also coupled with the latest technology navigated using a screen between the front seats. The interior is also complete with entertainment tools like high-quality speaker and a lot of connection facilities. There are not many details of the interior in 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka specs that have been revealed yet. In prediction, Toyota will be all out in giving full features to this car. It is because they seem to be eager in introducing this model they may make it a new breakout in the car industry.

The specification of engine for this car is undoubtedly one that is claimed to be a fast and powerful one. This car is powered by turbo diesel engine of 2.5-liter capacity. The car has excellent braking and guarding plate suitable for Off Road ride. The diesel engine is also more economical in fuel complete with its fuel efficiency system. The car later may come with different version, even though it is not yet clear if they will release new color scheme for this car. The car is expected to be able to handle difficult road they may as well come up with another fiercer engine. This 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka specs in machine may not be the best one but the technology accompanied it is really supporting it.

2017 Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept

Price and Release Date

There is not yet a specific date announced for the release of the car. But it is expected to be fully launched at the end of 2017. This pickup car already garners much attention due to its eccentric and bold look. It will be quite a fresh start to begin 2017 with this pickup car. For the price of the car, there is not any information yet about the car but an amount not exceeding $50,000 is possible, especially with the 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka specs to be considered with.

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