Review of Ford Raptor Msrp and Its Specs

When buying a car, you should not only pay for the specs only but also its msrp. The word MSRP normally appeared when you are doing some research online of cars. This actually refers to manufacturer’s suggested retail price. One of msrp that mostly looked for is Ford Raptor Msrp. Ford surely becomes one of greatest car industries that offers many kinds of vehicles. Besides its SUV and trucks, Ford also becomes a reliable brand in car industries for its sedan, vans, hybrids, and crossovers. Every year, Ford surely will upgrade their cars with new models, engines, or features, just like for its Raptor.

2016 Ford Raptor Msrp

Review of Ford Raptor Msrp and Its SpecsLet’s begin with the 2016 Ford Raptor Msrp and its specs. This 2016 Ford Raptor comes up with 3.5-liter Eco-Boost V6 engine in 6-speed and 10-speed transmission. By using this powerful engine, it supplies over 411 horsepower. The Ford Raptor is very popular with its weight. For this model, Ford reduces around 500 pounds of its weight. So, the user can feel more comfortable driving this pickup truck in the rough road. The lighter your truck, the more skilled it is for the off-road. A number of great features are also added for 2016 Raptor, just like AM/FM radio, Audio Input, Automatic Headlights, Flexible Steering Wheel and others. Additionally, to make the users keep safe, Ford offers driver and passenger air bags along with the sensors. Among all of these features, Ford sells this 2016 Ford Raptor starts from around $40,000.

2017 Ford Raptor Msrp

Review of Ford Raptor Msrp and Its SpecsDifferent with 2016 models, the 2017 Ford Raptor Msrp surely will be higher than the previous model. The 2017 model has 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost engine, double turbochargers and also direct-fuel injection. Those can supply 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. For the transmission, Ford provides this 2017 model with 10-speed automatic transmission along with manual shifting. Moreover, Ford also upgrades its wheel by giving it with 13.9 inches for the rear and 13 inches for the front. Besides, an automatic keyless entry and the 360-degree camera also added to this model to make it more luxury and exclusive. For that reason, at the first of releasing date, the 2017 Ford Raptor was sold at around $50.000 to $60.000. However, these days it is sold around $45.000.

The New 2018 Ford Raptor Msrp

Review of Ford Raptor Msrp and Its SpecsFor its new model, Ford Raptor Msrp is starting from $49,785. With this price, Ford adds great features and engine. The 2018 Ford Raptor arrives in 3.5 L Eco Boost twin-turbo DOHC 24-valve engine. This engine comes up with direct injection and port fuel system. For the fuel tank, it has 26-gallon and 36-gallon. This is actually more powerful than the previous model. What makes it looks stunning is this mode has a unique grille along with FORD letters. Besides, it is also equipped with 13” and 14” rear which is very great for the off-road show.

So, those are some information about Ford Raptor Msrp. All those msrp is actually not the precise price. That price can be different based on your area.

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